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The IABC Online (English) program provide students with a strong understanding of the Apostolic Assembly Doctrine and Constitution. Students will gain a general understanding of scripture and will learn to examine the application of biblical texts in ways relevant to their current contexts of ministry. Students will also be challenged to complete assignments and tasks that will equip them with tools to strengthen their ministries and their calling. Upon completion, students will receive an Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.


It is for the student who has a robust work or personal schedule is not able to commit to a structured learning environment and needs flexibility.
It is for the student that can watch video lectures, and read course material without needing a high-level student/teacher interaction.
It is for the student that can easily adapt to technology by uploading videos, and other files (ex: PDF, MS Word, Pages).
It is for the student that can learn at their own pace.
It is for the student who needs to catch up and meet graduation and/or ordination requirements.
It is for the student that does not have an English program as part of their district bible college.
It is for the student who is unable to access their district bible college due to distance/travel.


Program length: 20 courses
Duration: 20 months
Course Length: 3 weeks
Format: 100% Online, using pathwright.com
Cost: $150 per course (to be paid at the beginning of the course, includes materials, debit/credit card)

*Note: this is the general course schedule, however courses can be taken out of order based on various graduation/ordination needs. More than one course can be taken at a time, upon request only.

Year 1 Year 2

Orientation to Theological Studies

Introduction to Hermeneutics

Introduction to Homiletics

Apostolic Doctrines and Disciplines I

Apostolic Doctrines and Disciplines II

Apostolic Doctrines and Disciplines III

Spiritual Disciplines

AA Constitution

Spiritual Authority

Church Growth

Book of Acts

Church Administration

History of the Apostolic Assembly

Bible Overview I (O. T. Survey)

Bible Overview II (N.T. Survey)

Christian Leadership

Contemporary Religious Movements

Ministry of Teaching

Apostolic Praise and Worship


The program will follow the same curriculum as the On-Campus Bible Colleges but will be self-paced and distance learned.

Courses will include video lectures by professors, feedback on homework assignments, and discussion boards, and will include hands-on course assignments (pastoral meetings, video presentations, group projects, etc.) All assignments and grading will be posted and submitted on the online portal.

All students interested in completing the A.A. program.
If you are unable to attend an on-campus bible college program nearest to you due to a work schedule, language barrier, or no access to one.

All students must fill out a consent form.
This form is to be filled out and signed by both your Pastor and local Bishop for enrollment.

Registration Form
Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of busy professionals like you.

“I gained knowledge in many different important topics, and grew more comfortable in my ministry.”
– Anonymous

The Department of Christian Education is overjoyed to present our new International Apostolic Bible College online campus coordinator, Pastor Steven Rodriguez. Pastor Rodriguez enters this position under the recommendation of the former coordinator, IABC Dean, Dr. Janae E. Quezada, and the Secretary of Christian Education, Bishop Armando Tamez.

Pastor Rodriguez has served for the last eight years as Lead Pastor of ‘The Family Church’ in San Jose, CA (San Jose #3). Pastor Rodriguez also occupies the office of District Treasurer for the Northern Pacific Coast District (NPCD). He attended Christian Life Center (Stockton, CA) out of high school, receiving his Associate of Arts degree in Theology. A few years later, he attended the International Apostolic Bible College, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theology in his home district (NPCD). For six years, he served as Bible College Director for the NPCD (2014 – 2020) and is currently a teacher in the English AA and BA programs since 2011. In 2020, Pastor Steven enrolled in the MTS graduate program at Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UGST). Recently, he was accepted into the MDiv program at UGST with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling.

In welcoming Pastor Rodriguez to the IABC team, we also would like to thank our IABC Dean, Dr. Janae E. Quezada for her hard work and dedication to the online campus for 8 of the last 9 years. We are excited to see the new endeavors that will come under the direction of Pastor Rodriguez as we strive to make Christian Education more accessible to Apostolics everywhere.

“I gained knowledge in many different important topics, and grew more comfortable in my ministry.”
– Anonymous

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