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Maria Fernanda Zuniga Coordinator Apostolic Homeschool Network

Maria Fernanda Zuniga, Coordinator Apostolic Homeschool Network

Our Objective:

Our goal is to create an Apostolic homeschool network to provide the best resources and options for Apostolic families. This is your one-stop site to help parents inform themselves about available options and navigate homeschooling with a support system. Here you will find support, guidance, accountability, resources, and fellowship with other homeschooling families.

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What People are Saying “Testimonials”

“I thank the Lord for my parents who took the time to homeschool me. I truly believe it was a huge part of my development and it protected me from so many of the ideologies I was surrounded by. Their dedication to my education shaped me and now as an individual in my professional career in Social Work I have reaped the benefits of their hard work.”

Becky Bermejo, M.A, , Surprise Apostolic Assembly

“Homeschooling has impacted our family in the best way possible. I am a momma to four kids,  two of our  boys ages five and seven are special needs. Roman (age 7) was born with Down Syndrome and later diagnosed being on the Autism spectrum. Samuel (age 5) was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at age 2. Homeschooling has given our family the ability to teach on our time. As you can imagine life with two kids with special needs is very time consuming. My boys attend many therapies so teaching my children during down time during the weekend is perfect for our family. Also I get to teach my children first and foremost the word of God, which is our firm foundation.”

Gabriela Arce, Faith Tabernacle Church

“We homeschool our three children through classical conversations, a homeschool co-op. It’s been a blessing to have the freedom and options to raise our children according to our values and to be a part of a community where we feel supported as parents and our children get to socialize in a safe environment with like minded friends.”

Eric & Maria Fernanda Zuniga, New Life Church