Interested in writing for Apostolic Herald?

We are looking for contributors to write short articles that fall into one or more of the following categories:

The Apostolic Herald is always on the lookout for sharp new additions to our team of freelance writers. We serve the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus audience that enjoys reading articles about Christian living, family issues, church, Bible study, prayer, and much more, all from a biblical perspective. We’d like a chance to vet your previous work and experience, so please let us know a little bit about yourself by submitting the request form on this page.

Please read these guidelines before submitting your article.

Apostolic Herald, has been published by the Christian Education and Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus world headquarters since around 1938. Today’s readers represent many ministries—pastors, professors, administrators, pastoral students, lay leaders, and members of the body of the Apostolic Assembly across the globe.

As an email subscription journal, the Herald’s monthly circulation totals more than 7,000.

  1. Pastoral — Written by and/or for current ministry leaders, providing gospel-centered encouragement to those eager to see the church grow in spirit and mission and glorify Jesus Christ.
  2. Practical — Give us a plan for how to address a problem or issue in the Christian life or ministry. Diagnose the heart of the issue and root your application in the finished work of Christ. We are looking for practical, not pragmatic.
  3. Devotional — We are looking for content that helps us treasure Christ more greatly, know him more deeply, and orient around his gospel more stubbornly. Biblical reflections, theological meditations, or spiritual illustrations. Help us enjoy grace and delight in God.

Within those three general parameters, there are lots of possibilities for topics and texts to explore. We are prioritizing the Christian ministry and the Christian life.
Suggested word count 300-1,000 words.

Before you write, please remember the following:
Because Heralds’ readership includes individuals from all over the world, you will want to use words, illustrations, and concepts that will be understood by readers in various parts of the world. Avoid illustrations that are understood in one country but may be confusing in others.
The journal is translated into English and Spanish, be sure that translators will understand your words and concepts.
Ministry is a peer-reviewed journal—meaning that some manuscripts are sent to others with knowledge on that topic to get their input.
Ask yourself: What do I want the reader to learn about and do with my article?

Other Topics of Interest and Ideas
Choose a topic that would interest our worldwide religious professional readership.

  1. Personal (spiritual, physical, and emotional) needs of the minister
  2. Pastor-spouse team ministry and relationships
  3. Pastoral family needs
  4. Pastoral skills and needs, such as time management, preaching, evangelism, church growth, lay training, counseling, conflict resolution, continuing education, church administration, membership nurture, and related topics
  5. Biblical studies that focus on biblical themes, books, or passages for either sermon preparation or in-depth studies
  6. Theological studies that explore themes from a biblical, historical, or systematic perspective
  7. Church worship and related topics, such as music, worship leadership, and planning
  8. Current issues that are relevant to the church
  9. Personal Health
  10. Leadership
  11. Creative: Design, Photography, and Social Media
  12. Teaching
  13. Christian Living
  14. Issues and Answers
  15. Report / Heroes of the Faith / Salvation Stories
  16. Foundations of the Faith
  17. Voices from the Past
  18. Book / Music Reviews

At this time, we do not publish the following:

Advice columns | Cartoons | Fiction | Poetry | Overt political criticism | Endorsement of a political candidate | Anonymous stories

General manuscripts (300-1,500 words):
Book, Music reviews & Practical Pointers columns (up to 600 words):
Book and resource reviews of resources designed to speak to the professional needs of our readers.
If the book or resource is self-published, written authorization from the author’s employing organization and/or any organization deemed necessary by our editorial team is required before the editorial team will consider having the book reviewed.

Dateline items (up to 250 words):
Dateline features notable gatherings or events of interest to pastors, ministers, and members of the church.
We welcome quality photos.

Our response to your submission
Upon receipt of your manuscript, we will acknowledge that it has arrived at our offices. At that time the review and evaluation process will begin.
We will notify you of our decision once the review process is completed. The work may be used in the Herald and/or on the official blog page of the Apostolic Herald. Not all submitted works will be used.

Payment (love offerings) for manuscript
We do not offer compensation for resources submitted to the Apostolic Herald, However, offerings may apply. Please note, that United States citizens and residents must complete a W-9 for love offerings.

A brief explanatory note and a short bio including name and (if applicable) title or ministry position, academic credentials, publishing history, ministry experience, and family stats.

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